ShannaRiley.com is where the vast majority of my writings or links to my online works - everything from fiction, non-fiction, celeb gossip, erotica, grocery lists, opinion, epic and fantastical generations-long genealogies that lead to nothing, poetry, brainfarts, and essay - can be found.

You may also be interested in reading my blog, where I discuss my life and various and sundry opinions and viewpoints, Digitopus, or you may view my personal website, skatoolaki.com.

Other Projects & Passions

My research into a small, forgotten mid-1800s cemetery filled with children just off the Natchez Trace in Mississippi is at the site The Brandon Children. A random writing project can be found at The Syls Empire, as well as a parody site of Jack Chick's Chick Tracts, over at Trick Tracts. An oft-neglected blog concerning my graving hobby is at A Graver's Journal.