"Don't be afraid," he whispered softly in her ear. At the sound of his voice her entire body shuddered as she gasped. She was terrified and at the same time she felt excited. For months he had been chasing her. He had invaded her mind, her dreams, and her entire life. The past months she'd spent running from him, dreading meeting him, and hating him for ruining her life. Now that she was here in his arms she found herself wanting him; even anticipating what he planned to do to her. She tried to gain control of herself. She could not let him know she felt this way! She felt his lips, soft and eerily cold, against her neck.

His lips brushed lightly against her skin as he spoke, "I've wanted to have you for so long, love. Now, finally."

"Please.., don't," she began breathlessly, but she couldn't finish it. What was wrong with her! She knew she should be repulsed and horrified, but all she felt was a burning desire like she'd never known. He turned her to face him and his eyes were so dark, so piercing, and yet so beautiful she almost turned away. But she couldn't.

"You want this," he said, and it wasn't a question. She tried to shake her head, but she knew it was useless. "All this time you thought you were running from me," he went on, his voice deep, gentle, soothing. "And all the time you were only running from your true feelings."

He reached out and caressed her cheek and his touch sent jolts through her entire body and she moaned softly; unable to stop herself.

"You've wanted me to catch you from the very start. Do you deny it?"

She could not let herself give in. She took a deep breath, trying to stop her head from spinning.

"Yes, I deny it. You're crazy!" She glared at him, frightened, angry, and confused.

"Then go," he said calmy, his intense stare never wavering. It was then that she realized he wasn't holding her anymore. He had let go quite a while before, and she had not even thought of trying to flee. Even now, as he was offering escape, she did not move. She didn't want to run, to escape; this was what she wanted.

She took a step towards him and he embraced her, kissing her fiercly. She moaned as he worked his way to her neck.

"Please," she whispered, "Take me."

It hurt as his fangs broke her skin and she cried out. Then the pain was gone, replaced with a slight burning as he began to take her blood.

It was a feeling like she'd never experienced. She felt as if she were floating and everything was hazy. She felt her body all of a sudden as dead weight and a feeling of being trapped in it. Then she was free of it and next she was in him. She felt his body, felt her blood coming in, warming him, refreshing him. She flowed into his head and could read his thoughts. He was sorry, sorry he had to kill her, didn't want to, had to, sorry.. Suddenly she was back out in the cold night, floating even higher. It was colder here, hazier, as she went higher it got darker. And then everything was black, and as her thoughts began to fade one thought seemed to stay the longest; to go on and on until it, too, began to get hazy. She had gotten her desire.......