The Craving

I was curious to see how long I could go without it. As it turned out, not very long. My little experiment lasted all of two days. The longer I went without it, the more I wanted it; needed it. It came into my every thought, my every dream. The sticky warmth, the wet thickness, the smell that drove me wild with hunger. I could think of nothing else. This kind of craving you wouldn't understand; it is unlike a craving hunger for any kind of food or drink. It is similar to the alcoholic's need for liquor; yet different. The thought of it excited me; going without it made me mad. When I finally satisfied my cravings on the second day, I nearly drowned in the ecstasy of it. The feeling as it pulsed through my veins, warm and full of life, is indescribable to you. I felt wholly invigorated. Stronger than the lust for passion or the intoxicating lure of liquor it was. I drained my victim. Her warm life's blood surged through my body; a gentle warmth that spread to every limb, filled every muscle, and electrified every nerve as her death prolonged my life. It was over too soon. I left her; my body growing cold again, yet I was satisfied. I lay down to sleep as the sun began to rise; satisfied for now. Tomorrow night I will rise again to take life from others' death; to satisfy the craving.