The Baton Rouge Serial Killer

A Lesson in Humanity

Derrick Todd Lee

Why I Made This Page

These were thoughts and fears I had when the hunt for the serial killer was going on. I will keep this page up in memory of the lovely women that lost their life to a monster, and to remind everyone to always be aware of your surroundings and to BE SAFE.

Written just before Lee's capture

For months an unknown person terroized southern Louisiana. Five beautiful women's lives were cut short by this lurking menace, and there are many others whose tragic deaths were most likely also his doing. For months, women lived in fear that they could be next.

On Monday, May 26, 2003, the above photo was issued and a name was put to the formerly nameless terror. His name is Derrick Todd Lee, and at present, a nationwide manhunt is on to find him. The fact is, he could be anywhere - and no one is safe until he is finally behind bars.

The lesson to be learned from this dire affair is this: you aren't safe; ever. Perhaps that's a bit harsh, but it's a thought that could save your life. Just because Derrick Lee is on his way to being caught doesn't mean we're safe. Just because there's a serial killer in Louisiana, doesn't mean you're safe in another state. The fact of the matter is, there are maniacs out there every day and everywhere.

Being a single female living alone in the area that three of the victims lived, I took a vested interest in the Baton Rouge Serial Killer and have followed the events as they took place faithfully. What I noticed was that right around the time of a murder everyone was up in arms. People bought pepper spray, guns, and they locked their doors. Women didn't jog around the LSU Lakes alone anymore. But as the days turned into months, people forgot. Without Pam Kinamore's smiling face or the bright spark of young Carrie Yoder that was exstinguished too soon shining back at us from the TV screen and newspapers, we got lax. We didn't always lock our doors, and we weren't looking over our shoulder as much.

The main thing we should remember is that Derrick Lee is not the only person on the streets who would cause you harm. Every day women need to be aware of their surroundings, and have the means of protecting themselves. We should all carry mace/pepper spray and all of us should take a self-defense course. Not because there is a serial killer on the loose, but because there are people out there at any given time that would abduct you, rape you, or worse. During the long stint where no one knew who the killer was people felt wronged that they should have to live in such fear. The fact is, that is the world we live in. That fear could save your life. There are many Derrick Lee's out there - don't forget it.

Addendum - Two More Victims

Two more lives taken have been linked to Derrick Todd Lee. Randi Mebruer and Geralyn DeSoto. There pictures have been added to the menu on the bottom. Clicking on each of the photos takes you to an information page about them.

Victims of the Baton Rouge Serial Killer
Gina Wilson Green Charlotte Murray Pace Pamela P. Kinamore Trineisha Dene' Colomb Carrie Lynn Yoder
Randi Jane Mebruer Geralyn Barr DeSoto
From L-R: Gina Green, Murray Pace, Pam Kinamore, Dene' Colomb, Carrie Yoder
From L-R: Randi Mebruer, Geralyn DeSoto

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