Kitty Kat Zodiac

Wonder how your pet's attitude will be affected by the stars? Curious why some kitties are quiet and laid-back and others are raving lunatics? Answer all these questions and more by reading your cat's sign in my Pet Astrology section!

Each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac are listed below in categories of the element that each belongs to. Reading about each element will also give you a little deeper insight into your cat's astrological attitude!

Aries KittyAries | March 21 - April 20

Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Colors: Red
Keyword: Action

I hope you have a lot of energy if you intend to adopt an Aries pet! If you're looking for a quiet, loving, peaceable animal then this is not the Sign you want!

Aries pets are definitely one of the more active Pet Signs. They are vivacious and love to play. Do not keep these animals cooped up indoors...they need at least a daily walk to expel some serious enegry! If this is an outdoors pet, don't be surprised when your Aries leaves for a day or two at a time. He will return. He's just out playing around with the neigborhood animals. If he comes back a bit scratched up, don't worry either. He's the one who won the fight, and that animal wouldn't dare mess with him again.

Your Aries will be the leader of all other pets in the house, and will expect to be treated as so. Although hot and quick tempered, anger will subside quite quickly and no grudge will be held. It would be a wise idea, if you adopt a young Arien, to teach them early on that you are the boss. Otherwise, there might be some confusion later on about who holds that title! However, this proud pet is easily embarrassed; so be careful not to hurt his pride in public.

Your Aries will be fiercely loyal to you and your family. Aries dogs make wonderful watch-dogs. An Aries cat will protect your home, also. "Beware of Attack Cat" signs were made with a protective Aries in mind! These are independent animals; so don't expect them to readily admit you are their little world! Deep down they love you with all of their heart, but it takes a lot of pride to admit that!

If you're looking for a playful, active, fun, and loyal pet, an Aries is for you. You will have a climber on your watch the drapes! They love outdoors, hate sleep, love children, and can't stand competition. Give them lots of love and space and the two of you will get along great for many years!

Taurus KittyTaurus | April 21 - May 20

Ruler: Venus
Element: Earth
Colors: Pale Blue & Mauve
Keyword: Accquistion

Looking for a quiet, sweet, and loving pet? One who will probably sleep at your feet rather than run around the house with his leash in his mouth begging to play? One who appreciates the fine art of lounging and napping? Then a Taurus pet is certainly for you.

A Taurus pet is generally one of the more docile of the animal zodiacs. He's generally the one off to the side watching your other animals quibble and play with a detached interest. They are very long as the going is slow. They don't like to be rushed. In fact, they don't like being asked to do anything they're not in the mood to do (such as getting off the middle of your bed at night or your favorite chair when "ER" is on). Taurus pets are inherently stubborn.

Yet not all of Taurus' qualities are glum and lazy. It's not that they are slow or stupid...they just like to take life slow and soak it all in. Like sipping a fine wine! Taurus pets love the better comforts of life, and will map out their favorite cushions, pillows, or rugs immediately upon their arrival to your home. Another wonderful quality of a Taurus pet is their easiness in training. Taurus pets are very trainable and almost naturally obedient. They love to keep you happy with lots of love and will always be by your side (unless they're eating...which is their favorite thing to do besides lounge).

Let's talk about the eating part. Being a lover of fine things, Taurus pets love food. The better the food the more they'll love it...and eat it. You will have to watch the weight of your Taurus, especially as they grow older, as many of them tend to put on quite a few extra pounds.

All in all, adopting a Taurus pet could be one of the best things you've ever done. You now have a sweet-natured, loyal, loving pet who will love you dearly for life. These are pets with a lot of love to give! Although, more stubborn than an actual bull at times, they are very obedient and love to please. They are probably one of the best signs with children; they will take quite a lot of poking and rough-housing with no qualms. Bringing a Taurus pet into your home will make everyone happy and who could ask for more?

Gemini KittyGemini | May 21 - June 20

Ruler: Mercury
Element: Air
Colors: Yellow
Keyword: Communication

Engergy! That's the first word we must use when talking about a Gemini pet. And I hope you have a lot of it because your Gemini sure does!

If you are the quiet, simple type..adopt a Taurus or a Pisces. Stay away from the crazy Gemini! However, if you love having a pet who will play with you, talk your ear off, and sprint around the house in 1.2 seconds..then a Gemini is your ideal pet. Those who already own Geminis will know what I'm talking about. This is the wild one. The one who runs into the living room, around a table leg, pounces on the back of the chair, up a nearby curtain, across the wall, and ends up hanging from the light fixture! Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration..but any Gemini pet owner knows what I'm talking about!

Geminis are bundles of fun (if you have bundles of energy). Forever young at heart, even at an old age they'll still be more playful than the quieter signs. These are the "talkers" of the don't be surprised when you're able to hold a 30 minute conversation with your pet. They will always answer you and you can usually tell what they're meaning to say by the tone and pitch of their meow, bark, squak, etc. They don't tend to pick favorites in the household, but tend to love everyone equally..including your guests, postman, cable repair guy, and mother-in-law. Everyone will get an ankle-rub and an earful of the latest gossip.

Be careful when opening the front (or back) door...your Gemini will shoot out of it as fast as lightening to scope out the neighborhood. Don't worry..he'll come back eventually (maybe a day or two later), and will have made friends with every neighbor and neighborhood animal in the near vicinity. Geminis love company and hate being alone. Make sure you have a brother or sister (a wise idea to make it another active sign) or some interesting playthings for your Gemini when you are away from home. Otherwise, he might decide to make his own playtoy out of your favorite chair, computer, or blanket.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins and that's how it is when owning a get two pets for the price of one! Beware of sudden mood changes! Gemini 1 maybe purring contentedly in your lap, when Gemini 2 makes a sudden appearance and attempts to scratch your arm off! Gemini 2 may be pestering your more docile Taurus, then Gemini 1 will suddenly curl up to the Taurus and began to lick her. You never can tell with a Gemini. Be on your guard!

In summing up a Gemini pet, I feel Karen Webster said it perfect in her book, "Pet Names, Pet Signs"... "If you have boundless energy and enthusiasm, are young at heart, hate being alone, and like someone to play with at a moment's notice, then a Gemini pet could be your perfect match." Perfect.

Cancer Kitty Cancer | June 21 - July 21

Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
Colors: Silver & Violet
Keyword: Security

Sensitive and rather moody, shy and very maternal. These are some of the main characteristics that make up a Cancer pet. Like the other water signs, Cancers are quite emotional so don't adopt this pet if you've got a quick temper or a noisy household. Both of these things upset them terribly. However, if you need a pet to mother and love, and want one who won't ever stray from home..Cancer is the pet for you.

Upon bringing your Cancer pet home don't expect it to take naturally to you and its new surroundings. It will probably run away and hide for a day or two. Leave some food and water out in accessible place and she'll probably sneak out at night to nibble. You will eventually have to coax her out and comfort her with hugs, kisses, and whispered nothings. Once you have gained her love and trust you shall not find a more loyal and loving animal. Nor will you ever be able to walk in a straight line again! Cancers love to rub against ankles and feet (whether they are in motion or not) when they're not being held...which they love immensely.

This is probably the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. Although all water signs are sensitive, the Cancer takes things the hardest. A hurt Scorpio will simply wreak havoc on you in revenge, a hurt Pisces will simply ignore you for an hour and forget about it, whereas a hurt Cancer will retreat under a couch and peer out at you with a pained look in their eyes. You won't feel lower in your life than when those hurt Cancer eyes peer at you sadly. It is easy to hurt them, too, so always try to be patient and sweet to them. Never hit them or yell too loud. When training, do so patiently and they will train very well.

Cancers like to choose favorites. Usually the first person in the house that they warm to will be their favorite and that person will have constant affection. The Cancer pet will always want to be with their loved one. If their favorite human leaves the house, they will wait patiently for a return and greet you warmly at the door. However, if a favorite human is gone too long, a very unhappy Cancer will not even acknowledge your return.

Cancers don't like noisy people, homes, or other animals. Anything that bothers this usually sweet, loving pet could make it switch to an angry mood. Cancers are very moody so beware of sudden mood swings. These pets also love their homes and seldom wander away. They are definitely the homebodies of the zodiac.

If you can stand a little moodiness, a little shyness with strangers (this can mean hiding under a couch until guests leave), and a constant moving body to trip you every time you walk then you will also recieve a loyal, loving, sweet pet who will curl up and watch TV with you every night quite contentedly. This is the Cancer pet. How lucky you are to be their favorite.

Leo Kitty Leo | July 22 - August 22

Ruler: Sun
Element: Fire
Colors: Gold & Orange
Keyword: Recognition

I wish you luck! You own, are thinking of owning, or have just adopted a Leo pet. You're in for a ride, my friend. I'm not saying it won't be a pleasant one, but I hope you're ready for some changes! A Leo pet is unlike any other pet you've ever encountered.

Leos are not hard to spot. They are the ones doing everything in their power to draw attention to themselves, and charming everyone around. This pet is a showman..a born star! Everyone in the room will love and want to steal your precious little Leo! Well, you say, that doesn't sound so bad. What's with all of these "changes" you mentioned? To begin, if you are to truly understand the nature of a Leo pet and his human, then you learn that you are indeed the "pet" and he is your "owner". There is no other way about it for him. Everything is made for and revolves around him. Get used to it.

Now I'm not saying Leos make bad pets. They are intensely loyal (this is the pet who would lay his life down for you), huge-hearted (will share his toys and food with long as they don't 'take over'), gets along fabulously with other pets and children (as long as he is in charge of it all), and will charm the socks off of all your family and friends (he loves to put on a show). If you can adjust your life to meet most of his needs (which are mainly tons of affection and attention), then life will be great for the both of you. Always remind your Leo how handsome or beautiful they are..this pet thrives on flattery and such attention!

Can I train a pet such as this, you ask? Well, can a pet train an owner, because this is how your Leo will see it. Trying to make this King or Queen do something they don't want to do is futile (who are YOU, anyway, to tell THEM what do to...the idea!). However, if you make it seem like a game, instead of a lesson, and offer some tasty treat or pretty may be an easier thing to accomplish than you think! Once trained, your Leo will be happy to show off what he's learned for an appreciative getting him to do his tricks after training won't be hard.

I mentioned the loyalty of a Leo. This is very true. Not only loyatly to you, but your children, home, and other pets. See, a Leo believes all of you belong to him, and he will not stand for any threats to be brought agasint his possessions. His valor is nothing short of golden-hearted, even if his head is in the wrong place.

A Leo pet is a joy to own. Full of life, quite active, and very loving, this pet will be loyal to you his whole life through. Always shower him with love, affection, praises, and attention..these are his livlihood, and you'll have one happy, sunny Leo. Which makes for one happier, brighter you.

Virgo Kitty Virgo | August 22 - September 21

Ruler: Mercury
Element: Earth
Colors: Navy Blue & Gray
Keyword: Discernment

Elegant and refined. Caring and shy. These are the virtues of the lovely Virgo...the "Virgin" of the Zodiac. Virgoes are not overly active, not overly affectionate, nor overly sensitive. Rather they are smart, quite sensible, and downright practical. If this sounds pleasing to you, I introduce you to Virgo...

Your Virgo pet is very down-to-earth and practical. She is not highly active nor is she at all lazy. This pet is a neat-freak. She will spend countless hours cleaning herself of every speck of dirt there is to be found, and more. They cannot stand to be dirty! This is a pet that will probably be fond of baths if introduced to them at an early age.

Virgoes tend to stay away from many people or other animals. They do not run and hide, rather just sit some distance away and observe. They are friendly if approached, however, and other people and pets usually like them quite well. Virgoes are elegant, but not in the same way as the pompous Leo, rather it is a quiet, humble elegance that the Virgo possesses. It is dainty, but only to avoid getting dirty...not because they deem themselves too good for anything else. A Virgo can not stand to be lazy and will find things to do throughout the day..generally following you around and helping with household chores.

This is a good sign with children because of their patience and they also get along well with other pets. Another remarkable characteristic of the Virgo is their ability to know when you are not well. Whether sick or sad, your Virgo will feel some small vibe that all is not right with you, and they will do anything they can to make you feel better. That may be lying on an aching stomach, fetching your slippers, or licking your face to remind you that you are loved. A Virgo pet has the cure for whatever ails you and will try their best to make things right for you. It is said that Virgoes make the best "seeing-eye dogs".

If you would like a warm, loving animal who isn't too fussy and not a lot of work, then a Virgo is for you. It is easy to take this pet for granted, as they are always there when you need them, but make sure you don't. A Virgo, like any pet, needs lots of love; even if they won't admit it themselves. It's nice to know someone will always be there to take care of you when you are down..and that someone is your Virgo pet.

Libra Kitty Libra | September 23 - October 22

Ruler: Venus
Element: Air
Colors: Indigo
Keyword: Balance

You want the elegance and daintiness of a Virgo (but can live without the aloofness of this sign), the finer tastes and regalness of a Leo (but can live without the total pompous attitude of this sign), and the playfulness and two-sidedness of a Gemini (but can live without the craziness of this sign). I believe, my friend, you are in the market for a Libra.

Libras are the beauties of the Zodiac. They are lovely to behold and quite elegant. However, these looks will not bring forth an attitude. They are not above bringing home an occassional raggamuffin of a playmate for the afternoon. Libras are fair and love everyone equally..including the entire family. They will not choose favorites with you or your other pets, but get along fabulously with everyone. They are not neat-freaks, like their sister Virgoes, and are actually quite lazy. They like to lay there and have others do things for them..and how can you turn down a pet with such beauty and charm?

They can be tempermental, like Geminis, but will not go crazy all over your house. Libras' indecisiveness comes from trying to balance out two options (hence the sign of Scales). Should they get up and let you know they want to go outside (but it's hot and he's too tired to get up) or should they sneak off and pee in the potted plant (is it worth maybe getting caught)?? Such is the constant battles in a Libran mind. This can cause for a grumpy Libra at times, so when they're in a "mood", it's best to let them be.

They don't like to be left home alone! You have been warned. Be sure to do some major conjoling when you return as they won't be happy with you. A Libra won't usually destroy your house in retaliation, but you will be stuck with a pretty angry pet once you get home. Providing them a playmate and leaving on soft music sometimes helps (Libras like soft, quiet things). Nothing loud and raccous, this makes Libras jumpy and on edge. They like a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in which to enjoy plenty of beauty sleep.

Libras love good food and soft music. A nice, decorative home brings them peace also. A Libra is the perfect pet for those with expensive and breakable items in the home...a Libra will respect such things and step daintly around them. A good interpretation of a Libra is the friendly, quiet artist who loves the finer things in life and appreciates calm, eye-pleasing surroundings.

Providing your Libra with lots of love and attention will make them a formidable house pet. They are friendly and fun...a wonderful combination that should make any home a better place.

Scorpio Kitty Scorpio | October 23 - November 21

Ruler: Mars
Element: Water
Colors: Deep Reds & Black
Keyword: Transformation

Boy, oh, boy! A Scorpio. What have you gotten yourself into? Or, what are you about to get yourself into? Of all the signs of the Pet Zodiac, the Scorpio, is hands-down the most difficult to own. On the other hand, if treated right, they can also be one of the best signs to own. It can go either way...and if you're a Scorpio owner you'd better pray it goes right!

Being a Scorpio myself I can relate to these little passionate fireballs and understand their motives. If you're not a fellow Scorpion, however, a Scorpio pet will be quite a mystery to you for all of its days. Now, that isn't all bad. Mysteries are fun and they always keep you guessing. Keep this pet happy, and you will be richly rewarded with the pet of your dreams. Scorpios love to please those they deem have treated them favorably. Just don't cross them.

Now I don't mean to be scaring anyone off from having a Scorpio pet. They can be some of the best, but they are a challenge. Yet, a challenge is always fun and never boring. I will give you a few basics that should make living with your Scorp a bit easier. Remember the 3 Rules in the movie "Gremlins"? Don't get them wet, don't feed them after midnight, and...well, you might remember them. What they were isn't important here...the important part is the severity of the consequences if those rules weren't followed. Think of these "3 Rules to Owning a Scorpion Pet" in the same way...(I dare you not to!):

  1. Never yell or get overly angry with them!
    If this happens, it's better to go and cool down in another room. You're Scorp knows when he's done wrong and knows your upset. But if you yell at him..he will seek his revenge. Imagine finding a curtain shredded or a favorite brush missing hours later..then go and calm down. This is a pet that can't stand to be scolded. It's better to just say a firm, "No!". They don't like that either, but will respect it more than if you rave and rant at them.
  1. Never forget to feed them!
    If you're Scorp pet tends to be one of the bigger ones, I wouldn't forget to feed him..EVER! Scorpions are natural predators and the great hunters of the Zodiac. The neighbor's chickens may get a surprise attack if your Scorpio pet is left hungry.

  2. Do not throw away their toys or possessions!
    Scorpios are extremely possessive and overly jealous. Anything they consider to be theirs is exactly that, and no one else's. They will not like it if the other pets try to play with their toys. Most Scorpios have tons of secret hiding places for their possessions.

If you follow those 3 simple rules then life with your Scorpio pet will probably be nothing short of heaven! Now's the time to tell you of some of Scorpio's good points (yes, there are some!). Scorpios are fiercely loyal and very protective. They make excellent house watchers. They love the outdoors and don't mind being kept outside. Just as any wrong done to a Scorp will come back on you ten-fold, so will any right. No Scorpio forgets a kindness, and if you treat them with lots of love and respect then they will shower you with a love so strong it's overpowering. Training can be done with patience and if your Scorpio is in the mood. Once trained they never forget and will listen to please you.

I do so hope that I haven't scared you away from having a Scorpio pet. As any Scorpio pet owner will tell you, it is not a decision you will regret. I must warn you of the challenges that come with owning a Scorpio, but in the end you get back one of the best loved and loving pets there are. Expect this one to be by your side 'til the end. It may be true that no pet can hate as fiercely as a Scorpio, but none other can love with the intensity of one either.

Sagittarius Kitty Sagittarius | November 22 - December 21

Ruler: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Colors: Purple
Keyword: Self-Projection

You go to a visit a friend who has recently purchased a new pet. When you arrive you are greeted by the most fun-loving, sweet-natured, and free-spirited animal you've ever encountered. His enthusiasm is catching! You can't help but be impressed as he performs tricks for everyone in the living room and keeps them laughing. "What sign," you ask your friend, "is this little clown?" "Why," she answers with a smile, "he's a Sagittarius."

Congraulations. You've just met up with possibly the most independent yet friendly sign of the Pet Zodiac. Sags are the kind of pets you adopt for your 3 teenage sons to play ball with in the backyard. Sags love everyone they meet..people and animals...and love to play! Don't keep them caged up inside all the time. These animals need the sun and fresh air at least occasionally. Take them for walks or at least a drive with the window down. Like all Fire Signs (Leo and Aries being the other two), this is an active pet. Rarely lazy (unless you're trying to get him to do something "un-fun" like bathing or training) these pets are true little fire-balls.

You can't help but fall in love with this clown. Pretty accident-prone, they're usually charging into life at full speed and don't take the time to look out for things like walls and table legs. They are very intelligent animals, but do lack quite a bit of common sense. Odie was probably a Sagittarius. They can be trained fairly easily, but make it fun and they'll learn a lot faster. Once learned, they don't usually forget, but there are times when they're so caught up in the moment they don't hear you yelling to stay away from the ant keep an eye on them! Once excited, they turn quite forgetful!

This pet will love to goof around and make fun of you. They love to hear people laugh..and are even happier when they're the ones making them do so. They also need lots of space. If not outdoors, they will turn your home into a one-pet track race. Expect to find them running like the wind around dining room tables, down hallways, and into walls. They are quite energetic so I hope you live near a park or out in the country!

All in all, Sag pets are a joy to own. A bundle of love, laughs, and a few lumps (they will run into everything!) will keep you smiling for many years.

Capricorn Kitty Capricorn | December 22 - January 20

Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth
Colors: Green
Keyword: Self-Mastery

They seem shy and reserved at first. You just brought this little pet home and she doesn't want to have anything to do with you. You're afraid she'll never warm to you. A few days later, however, she is following you around and helping with the chores and amazing you with her intelligence. I believe you've adopted a Capricorn.

Your little Goat isn't truly shy. She just seems that way. What's really going on is that she likes to size up the situation before making her move. She wants to know what you, and everything and everyone else, is all about. Once she feels comfortable, she can be herself. This pet is no dummy. One of the more intelligent of the Signs, she will plot and plan anything before jumping into it. They are hard workers and like to succeed at something (peforming tricks or such) and make you proud to own them.

She may seem a little tough, but deep down she does need your love so don't let her fool you. As all Earth Signs, she's practical and down-to-earth. Don't expect crazy, spastic charges around the room (like Fire Signs), pitiful sulking (like Water Signs), or arrogant, aloofness (like Air Signs). She is a fair and loving pet, intelligent and playful.

Just because she's such a smartie doesn't mean she doesn't like to play. These are playful animals (maybe not in the spirit of a Sagittarius playmate), but playful nonetheless. Most of the time she will seem to be a tight-butt and the other animals may ignore her, thinking her a bit snotty. Yet, once in the mood, she loves to play, too. One remarkable thing about a Capricorn pet is their uncanny tendency to act younger as they grow older. It's almost as if they keep their young hearts still until they're old enough to be wise. Like I said, they're highly intelligent.

They're also sticklers for routine. If this pet is used to taking a certain route on their morning walk...don't try and be cute and go a different way. That Capricorn won't budge. Try to feed them at the same time every day also; as this will keep them well-balanced. Caps are also good about being left home alone. They know how to fend for themselves so aren't really upset if you must leave for awhile. If your Cap is an outside pet they will dig. All Earth signs are diggers and your Cap is no exception.

A well-adjusted, smart, playful, and sweet pet. Who wouldn't want to bring a Capricorn into their home?

Aquarius Kitty Aquarius | January 21 - February 19

Ruler: Uranus
Element: Air
Colors: Electric Blue
Keyword: Enlightenment

We are living now in the Age of Aquarius. This means times have changed and things have gotten, well, sort of weird. That's because Aquariuans are, well, sort of weird.

Let me explain what I mean here. You won't find another pet like your Aquarius. They are a bit eccentric and like to do things "their own way". They love everyone they meet, and will have many friends. They like affection, naturally, but too much will tend to make them feel smothered. They're quite independent.

Aquarius pets have wonderful, bright imaginations! Karen Webster of "Pet Names, Pet Signs" describes the Aquarius imagination this way, "..what your pet will bring to your life is a new way of looking at things. If you've always thought of your shoe as just an ordinary shoe, you are in for a magical mystery tour. That shoe can be turned into a place to hide treasure, or a food dish, or an exotic hat, or a stiff mitten, or a commode (only when you've left your pet alone for too long), or a toy boat to sail in the birdbath...." See what I mean?

Aquarians are okay with being left home alone, as long as it's not for too long. They are adept at keeping themselves busy playing or daydreaming. Your Aquarian, if you let it outside, will be friends with everyone in the neighborhood so expect a lot of 'pet' visitors at all hours. These pets also train easily and quickly and love to show off their talents!

Aquarians are more like humans than any other Pet Zodiac Sign. They love to share in your interests and make you feel like the most special person in the world. Of course, if anyone else comes in the room, they get as much love as you, but know that you are first and foremost in your Aquarian's little heart.

If you'd like a pet a little on the eccentric side, totally unconventional, loving yet independent, and always fun...then go out and get yourself an Aquarius right away!

Pisces Kitty Pisces | February 20 - March 20

Ruler: Neptune
Element: Water
Colors: Pale Green
Keyword: Unification

Sensitive, mystical, caring, gentle Pisces is the pet to get if you're looking for one to be with you 'til the end. Not fussy over material things, these pets can live comfortably in small apartments or condos. Outside or inside is fine with them too. As long as you're happy, they are happy. Sounds like the perfect pet, doesn't it? Pisces comes close to being one.

You may feel a very strong urge to protect your little Pisces. They seem so shy and delicate. Ah, the old Piscean charm is working its spell on you! Pisces can take care of himself just fine...probably better than any other animal, but they are masters at getting others to do things for them. But you don't mind, really, for a Pisces is so sweet to you in return you'd do just about anything for him again and again. This little pet will have you wrapped around his paw, or claw, or hoof.

Master thespian, the Pisces is a born actor. He loves to play when you want to play, but he'll sleep or eat with you, too. He loves to please you, and he really has no other goal. Pisces is not a creature of comfort, and material things mean nothing to him. This is not the pet to lavish expensive playthings on. He'd rather run around outside, watch TV, or take a nap with you. Pisces isn't one to work much, though. This sign is inherently lazy....and why not, when you do everything for them?

These pets love peace and harmony and get quite upset in a raccous, noisy environment. Don't yell or scream at your Pisces when they've done wrong. They can tell when you're upset with them, and it is better to calmly explain to them why you're mad than to rant and rave. Pisces will know what you're saying. You're looking at the "old soul" of the Zodiac Pets, and he is far wiser than any of us know.

This is the pet you will find staring dreamily at the wall for hours on end. Pisces are wonderful pets to be left alone at the house for they are very talented in entertaining themselves; even if that means daydreaming in the direction of the window all day. Leaving on soft music will please your Pisces also. They are quite artistically inclined animals and like good, soft music to fill their ears.

Caring, sensitive, gentle, loving, easy to please Pisces is a welcome addition to any home. Look into their eyes and you will see an old and wise soul. This soul knows the true meaning of love, and they will give all of theirs to you.

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